Inspiring Interiors: Give a Touch of Elegance to your Home Interior with Concrete Flooring

For homes, offices, stores, and restaurants, concrete has quickly become the flooring of choice for homeowners and interior designers. Whether it is painted, decorative, or stained, concrete floors offer a range unlike any other flooring material.

Often referred to as cement flooring, concrete flooring today no longer has to be dull and boring. Now, using different techniques, concrete floors can bring new life to this conventional substrate.

Polished Concrete: Breathe life into your floors with Polished Concrete

With recent progressions in surface treatment, polishing techniques and equipments, the best features of classic concrete can be effortlessly accomplished in contemporary concrete flooring.

Other than being durable and affordable, polished concrete floors offer a stylish elegance to the space. These floors have a dazzling sparkle and are immensely beautiful. Unlike other lustrous and shiny floors, polished concrete is slip resistant whether wet or dry. This makes it a favorable flooring option compared to waxed and tiled floors

Concrete Staining: Revamp your flooring with Concrete Staining and make it Brand New

People choose concrete floors over other flooring options for a number of reasons. Whilst other flooring options offer a uniform look, stained concrete is a little unique. The unusually attractive appearance is what makes stained concrete so popular.

The curb appeal and character that stained concrete floors can add to a room are unmatched features of this kind of flooring. What lends stained concrete its charm is the fact that it is exclusive and different from other flooring alternatives.

Epoxy Coating: Add Tasteful Elegance to your Old Flooring with Epoxy Coating

If you are looking for a cost effective way to brighten up your living space, give your concrete flooring a coat of epoxy and see the magic.

Epoxy floor coating gives concrete an extensive shine and high gloss surface. The result is a shiny, glossy floor that is much easier to clean and maintain. The high gloss appearance is definitely the most striking feature, but that is not all there is to epoxy coating. If you have a space with concrete flooring, epoxy coating will serve as the most cost-effective way to enhance durability and resistance of the floor.

Decorative Concrete: Give a Modern Touch to your Home décor with Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options in recent times. Not only is it visually appealing, it is also low in maintenance and will last for years if dealt with care.

To create patterns and designs, decorative concrete uses a number of different types of concrete types, and while this effect is created making use of a variety of methods such as concrete resurfacing, the overall process is entirely dependent on the desired outcome.

Concrete Flooring –It’s not Just the Looks! What Makes Concrete Flooring so Popular?

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, concrete flooring offers a number of benefits. To figure out what makes concrete flooring so popular, let’s have a look at the following;

  • Affordability and Durability – Durability and affordability is one of the major benefits of concrete floors compared to other flooring options. If you already have a concrete substrate that is ready for staining, polishing or application of coating or overlay, decorative concrete slabs will be your best bet as they can be quite cost effective. Moreover, the lifetime cost of a concrete floor is very low as they require very little upkeep and last for years.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Ease of maintenance is another thing that attracts people to concrete floors. These can be easily cleaned with a quick pass of a dust mop when they are properly sealed. Neutral cleaner and water can be used for an occasional deep clean. Nevertheless, maintenance is dependent on the amount of traffic the floor receives.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – In addition, people are drawn to concrete floors because of their aesthetic appeal. Among different concrete floor options, stained concrete is an incredibly popular choice for interior floors because of their elegance. While stains are the most common, other coloring options for concrete flooring includes dying, painting and the application of tinted sealers.

Bottom Line

A simple, neutral room can go all fashionable and fabulous with concrete flooring. The rich colors and exclusive design, and wide range of concrete floors guarantee to make a beautiful impact on any space Doing it right might just prove to be a fresh, new start!